Visible results that occur in life is always a function of decisions. A significant amount of people can relate to the fact that the result of what there are now is largely based on decisions they’ve made at some point or the other. The fact remains your present and future state will be based on the calls you are making right now. Bearing in mind that making the right call is essential to living a fulfilled life, it is imperative to know how to go about it.

I will be leading you through a step by step process of thinking to make the best possible decision using a problem-based approach. Note that in making decisions as regards problem-solving, there are lots of factors to always consider. Check out the first.

Define the Central problems

Any mistake you make here will definitely land you in making the wrong decision. Stating the problems and not the symptoms is key. Here’s an example. Having low profit in a business is not a central problem its just a symptom, poor marketing strategy or poor product packaging might be the underlying problem. If you identify the problem accurately you will discover so many ways of solving it. But if you get the problem wrong even a brilliant solution will not salvage the situation. The next step is very essential.

Enumerate Causes of the Problem

These should be the relevant factors sponsoring the problem. You will do yourself a great service by listing the major causes of the problem because it becomes easier drawing solutions once you have identified the major source. Asking the following questions will help you get the relevant factors causing the problem.

  • What is the problem? You would have established that by now.
  • Why the problem? Causes of the problem.
  • Where is the problem happening? Location or the aspect where the problem has influence.
  • When is the problem happening? Here consider when it happened last, and when it likely happens.

Answering these questions gives you a map of the kind of solutions you are looking for. Pay close attention to the next point. It’s vital to making the final decision.

State Possible Solutions

Take action always as a business owner

In this step list every solution or course of action that could possibly solve the central problem. Also, include the advantages or disadvantages of each. Doing this will you a holistic view of the outcome of every decision you would

 Analyze your Solutions

Despite having listed plausible solution, it’s best to do a thorough scrutiny of each. Putting into consideration which will tackle best, the problem source. Then draw a conclusion. This conclusion will guide your decision.

Take Action

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The beauty of this stage is that you are about making an informed decision with knowledge of the possible outcome, based on the conclusion you have made while analyzing your solutions. Remember the best solutions will have a greater impact in solving the problem while implications of the disadvantages if any, would be minimal.

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