A few days ago, the Lagos State Government announced that President Muhammadu Buhari will be visiting Nigeria’s Commercial Capital, Lagos, to commision a bus terminal, and carry out some “groundbreaking ceremonies” during the course of his visit. As a result, Thursday, March 28, 2018, was declared a work-free day throughout the state.

As it turns out, this announcement didn’t settle well with so many Lagosians. A lot of fuss has been generated all over social media, especially on Twitter with hashtags like; #BuhariVisitsLagos, #PMBInLagos, #PresidentialVisit. Complaint saturating the internet range from disruption of movement, obstruction of business activities, inhibition of the economic flow, and further evidence of Nigeria’s backwardness in governance have been flying over the internet. Lagosians are particularly concerned that the government’s action to shut down a megalopolis like Lagos signals a subtle threat to businesses operating in the region. 

The ordeals so far…

Then there is a feeling of contempt mixed with questions of uncertainty


Despite the complications, some took this on the lighter note

While a few others took the warning tone

Speak of the devil

But the #BuhariVisitsLagos is just for a while

Considering that this will be President’s Buhari’s first official visit to Lagos, one wouldn’t blame the Lagos State Government for trying to make the event as significant as possible. However, we can’t turn a blind eye to the ‘pause’ it’s bringing on activities at the moment.

Are you living or operating in Lagos? How has the #BuhariVisitsLagos affected you so far?

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