Positioning yourself as a strong, knowledgeable entrepreneur can increase your chances of launching a successful business. Whether you are still fleshing out your million dollar idea or pitching to investors, taking some online business courses to gain extra skills can help you launch your startup and steer you in the right direction.

Here are eight online business courses you can take to develop your skills in the comfort of your home.


One of the key qualities of successful entrepreneurs is leadership. Contrary to the usual belief leadership doesn’t entail bossing everyone around or imposing your opinions and decision upon your team members. It’s basically the ability to influence others to willingly and happily doing what you want.

As an entrepreneur, this is an highly needful skill for you to possess. Little wonder lots of successful persons spend millions to attend leadership trainings or schools just to gain the nitty gritty. Thankfully, the internet would be saving you lots of millions because there are now effective courses you could take and study to enhance your leadership skills and responsibilities as an employer.

Business Management

How do you understand, coordinate and manage your business to achieve the desired objectives? Business management in the whole sense might seem a little light on the surface, but it’s perhaps, the most dense aspect of running a business.

Business management is simply understanding the business needs and feeding it. It entails running the company, controlling, building, planning and leading as well.

More importantly, understanding the ins and outs of running a business will help you navigate the entrepreneurship environment, manage your people and handle the financial aspects of your venture and efficiently utilise resources available at your disposal.

Needless to say, successful business owners are usually linked with great business management acumen. This online course in business management will equip you.

Time Management

Here’s the fact: everyone has 24hours every day to achieve “everything”. As such, it’s highly essential one learns the best ways to utilise time.

For entrepreneurs, time management is of utmost importance. If you learn to manage your hours effectively, you’d surely achieve your set goals and high a high rate of productivity.

Few common tips to effectively utilise one’s time are delegating tasks, prioritising works, minimising procrastination, staying focused, reducing stress etc.

But there’s a lot more to learn by taking a course in time management. This would give you an edge, always.


A huge part of your success as an entrepreneur depends on your ability to effectively communicate your ideas and strategies.

Communication skills are important since they help you interact with clients and employees. You will need to develop your awareness of verbal and non-verbal communication, effectively master the art of communication in the written form and build your confidence in speaker and presentation.

Taking an online business course in communication will help you get these skills.

Project Management

Important aspects of business, such as risk management, resources planning management and administration are part of what you can’t avoid as an entrepreneur.

You need to be familiar with the language and process of project management so that you will be able to work with project managers as your business grows. it is worthwhile to learn the basics of successfully completing projects. An online business course in project management is the key.


Navigating the transition from a great idea to a great company isn’t child’s play.

If you haven’t learned the best business model and approach to analyse each phase and properly evaluate whether there is any real demand for the product, your idea might turn out to be a disaster waiting to happen.

An understanding of the initial steps required in creating a business plan with raising the necessary capital to launch your business is key for startups. A course in developing innovative ideas will help you with this.


The financial aspect is the bloodline for every business. An entrepreneur must be equipped with the knowledge of making sound and professional decisions when it comes to finances and accountability.

You probably may have heard people in business say “it’s all about the numbers.”

It sounds cliché, but that’s actually the fact. Understanding the value of money and getting your numbers right are the factors to making the right judgment calls and monetary decisions. In business, it’s important you learn certain concepts and metrics such as capital analysis, burn rate,  risk and uncertainty, the average cost of capital, and balancing.

A course in finance will teach you these, including how investors think as well as tips for increasing your funding efforts.

Competitive Strategy

Business is almost like a war zone. Most times, it presents a less severe “kill or be killed” scenario. No idea is entirely new. So, if your competition is nonexistent yet (which isn’t really the case), there’s a chance you’d have a battle one in the future.

This means entrepreneurs need to think about developing a solid and highly sustainable business strategy in more systematic ways.

It’s either by exploring how similar firms behave in situations to gain the competitive advantage or go the predictive way. An online business course in competitive strategy will help you out.

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