The Zurich Innovation 2018 is now open! The Zurich Innovation World Championship gives a stage for inspiring innovators to exhibit  transformative technology in a territory of portability, shrewd homes and structures, computerised wellbeing and money related arranging.

Zurich has established collaborations with organisations such as Startupbootcamp, Plug and Play, and SOSA that have an extensive network within startup communities all around the world.


The three victors of the Global round will join forces with Zurich to breath life into their pilot designs in their picked market or markets. The prize chosen by juries of Zurich bundle includes:

  • Resources to implement pilot programs
  • Exposure through the press release and/or media channel
  • Recognition from Zurich group leadership team

It an unmissable chance to collaborate with world biggest protection brands and use Zurich’s Innovation aptitude, scale worldwide administration to enable your development to flourish


Open to established insurtech startups who are ready for the next stage in their company’s development


  • Establishment: You have existing products or services.
  • Relevance: Your product or service relates to insurance value chain(Product Development, Distribution, Underwriting, Claims, Policy Administration, and Servicing, Capital, Risk & Investment Management etc.)
  • Innovation: Your product or service differentiates from existing solutions.


Established insurtech startups who are ready for the next stage in their company’s development. If you have a compelling and innovative insurtech proposition in any of the below categories then we want to hear from you.

  • Mobility
  • Smart homes and buildings
  • Digital health
  • Financial planning
  • Wildcard

There are three levels of competition: country, regional and global. At each phase, participants will be asked to provide increasing amounts of detail on their proposed pilot execution plans. The regions include North America, Europe, and the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

How to Apply

Established Insurtech startups should go ahead to apply on the website. Deadline for application is Sunday, September 30, 2018.




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