The internet is the new oil. This exclusive invention has made the world a global village.

With just a click, you can talk to anyone millions of kilometres away from you, order goods and services online,  access billions of books that may not be necessarily available, sell your services beyond the shores of your country, etc.

The potential of the internet is so enormous that you will absolutely be short-changing yourself if you land 2019 without venturing into online businesses that can generate multiple incomes. But don’t bother about how you can get started.

We have taken the stress to research ideas that could fetch you millions online this 2019. Be sure to let us know your pick when you’re done feeding your mind.

Website flipping business

Website Flipping

When surfing the internet, you sometimes land on some domain names that may have been bought but not hosted. This is called ‘website flipping’.  It can be compared to a Realtor who buys houses at low prices, revamps, then resells for gain.

Website flipping is considered an extremely lucrative business, as long as you know the ropes. You can make as much as $5,000, just on one resell. How exciting is that? Certainly, the person who purchased “Nigeria Air” domain must have thought about this. But unfortunately, we all know how the story went.

All the same, you can get more insight on how to get started in the website flipping business on Flippa. Following the needed steps, you could begin raking in millions in no time.

Converting Text to Audio

Convert Audio to Text

Listening to audio materials such as podcast, audio books is now on the increase. For example, when stuck in traffic, it is most convenient to plug in an earpiece and listen to your the audio version your favourite books — another way to maximize your time.  

Converting text to audio leaves a business value to explore. If you tap into this business opportunity in 2019, you will be making extra income for yourself. One of the ways you can start is converting old books such as Shakespeare novels to your local dialect.

Mind you, you can’t escape learning some software packages that could facilitate this process. To save you the hassle, check out this free Audio editing course for Beginners on Udemy. You can enrol to acquire some level of proficiency. Here are some freelancing sites where you can meet clients and roll in some money online this 2019.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant In a physical office, there are personnel that run the administrative services, this also happens online. As a virtual assistant, you will assist business owners in their day-to-day activities. If you have a cluster of online skill sets such as presentation, data entry, research skills,  you are set to make a lot online as a virtual assistant.

We will not leave you without telling you where you can earn these skills if you are new and interested in making money as a virtual assistant. Here are a series of courses you can take to hone your skills.

When you’re done learning, set up an account on any popular freelancing websites. There are very high chance you will make millions of dollars as a virtual assistant this 2019.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing As an Affiliate Marketer, you will be promoting other people’s business and services. You can link up with bloggers to set up marketing links on their platforms. When people click on these links, whether to buy a product or sign up for an offer, you will be given commission.

Affiliate marketing isn’t hard, but like any business venture, it requires knowledge, planning, and consistent effort to make any significant income.  

You can start by owning your own affiliate store. But before investing your time, complete an online course for free here to bring you up to speed about the intricacies.

Web Development

Web Development

Whilst web design has been hugely commercialised, there exists a gap in web development which requires a deep knowledge of web design and programming.

This is the catch, every business owner wants to add a layer of technology to their business and this comes with a knowledge of web development. When you pay money online, for instance, web programmers are the ones making these transactions possible.

Although making money off web development will require you to learn several programming languages to maximise the opportunities, but taking the extra effort to learn the needed skills will help you in building a profitable business you can make money from in this year.

Luckily, we got you covered on how to easily set sail on the programming boat. You don’t have to look too far wondering where you can find great hacks to become a Web Developer.

Blog Setup

Blog SetUp

Anyone with an idea and some level of writing skills is moved to set up a blog. Although platforms like WordPress and Wix have made it very easy to set up blogs on their Content Management Systems (CMS), not so many people have the technical knowledge to install the plugins or tweak default templates.

Successful bloggers like Uche Pedro and Linda Ikeji have set the pace and have opened the luxury in blogging to many. You can venture into helping online entrepreneurs set up space online leveraging on tools — making these websites rank well on Google.

You will be raking in money for yourself if you are good at blog installation;. Although, blogging requires a great deal of patience and passion, but it’s highly rewarding in the end.

 Local SEO Service

Local SEO

After a website has been hosted and made available for internet users to access, the next process is usually making sure the website ranks well on search engines like Google or Bing.

No doubts,  content is king when it comes to  SEO but there’s a technical aspect to the SEO niche which requires expertise to dig deep into the code roots of a website.

This is where you deal with the meta tags, H1 tags and the likes, all of which  must be checked to ensure search engine bots crawls your website properly.

You can look into helping website owners having difficulty getting their website rank well on search engines by acquiring a vast knowledge of, and combining top available SEO tools .

You can make as much as $500 per deal helping entrepreneurs to optimise their websites for search engine crawlers.

Android App Development

Android App Development

There has been a geometric rise in the number of smartphone users, And Android isone most widely used mobile Operating Systems (OS). From the business perspective, the number of android users are increasing, and organisations are rolling out mobile apps to meet their needs.

According to PayScale, an average Android Software Developer earns $30.18 per hour (₦11,016). Obviously, Android Development is worth the learning, especially, considering that not many skills promise pay rates as lucrative as it.

Another edge where you can reap big is companies are embracing mobile apps to serve their users better.  Need I mention that you can also get international gigs being a mobile developer? This is definitely a skill you should consider exploring to make some cool cash this 2019.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

If you have vast knowledge about a field and you are passionate about teaching people, the Internet has created an opportunity to commercialise your passion and generate money. You can sign up as a tutor on platforms such as Tuteria, to start earning money while you teach people what you know.

You can create a niche for yourself by taking preparatory classes for graduate exams such as GRE, TOEFL and others. 2019 is not the year to leave any stone unturned, explore your skills and competencies and go all out to make extra bucks. Say goodbye to insufficient funds and create multiple streams of income.

Sell Online Courses

Sell Course Online
In case you are not always available due to the nature of your job to teach people on a regular basis, you can put up a series of videos which you can create at your convenience.  

Platforms like Udemy can be used if you wish to have a recurring income from teaching. The way it works is, when people pay to learn your course, you get a commission from it. With this, you need not to worry about availability.

Although you have to set up time from your schedule to answer questions from students to improve the credibility of your course.

We have taken much time to ensure you reader do not go through the new year clueless about how to explore ways to make money online. We are happy to help you with useful information. Hit the share button if you have found this information useful here. Let others know about these online opportunities. We at smepeaks wish you a prosperous New Year.

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