Last year, the founder of, Chioma says “many entrepreneurs do not know the difference between hustle and a business”.

Chioma argued that while it’s OK, to begin with, a side hustle, you should know when it’s time to transition into a proper business. And what defines a structured business? It begins with incorporation.

Chioma’s thought was initiated by a seemingly unfortunate scenario of a lady who had lost a 6-figure deal because her business was lacking the proper business structure.

According to the victim, the contractor had asked her to provide things like her official business account (which can only be gotten with your registered business cert from the Corporate Affairs Commission), official website, social media handles, etc.

Question is, are you also guilty of this too? Have you taken the first step to treating your side hustle like a real business by registering it? The good news is, it’s not yet late.

One of our official partners is willing to register your business and get you your certificate in just one week at a price that wouldn’t break your bank. If you’re ready to begin your business this year on a serious note, fill this online form to get started on your business registration.

What are the most pressing needs of your business currently? Tell us in the comment section.

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