Are you an entrepreneur in the Clothing and textile production, Consumer durables, Consumer non-durables, Environmental services and Fashion sector who actively works on innovative solutions for a better world? DOEN Foundation is looking for sustainable, social entrepreneurs with innovative products or services that will contribute to the creation of this new circular economy.

Based in Dutch, the DOEN Foundation aims to support initiatives in the field of culture and cohesion and in the green and inclusive economy.


Applications can be considered for a contribution from DOEN if they fall within the scope of the following criteria:

  • The applicant is a legal entity (applications from individuals are not accepted).
  • The initiative is implemented based on a clear and solid plan (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time related, SMART) whereby it is plausible that the (self) formulated objects will be realised in the initiative beforehand
  • The budget and cover of the initiative are insightful and realistic with realistic cost-assets proportion.
  • Initiatives from organisations that have sufficient resources to realize the initiative (in the form of reserve assets / equity) are not eligible for support from the DOEN Foundation.
  • The initiative has a transparent governance structure.
  • The proposed activities effectuate a structural development and staying effect.
  • The initiative is related to demonstrable need and is well embedded.
  • The initiative has an entrepreneurial approach. This is translated for example in an own contribution by the initiative takers.

DOEN gives special attention to initiatives which are in a pilot and/or starting stage. After this stage, where DOEN works as a catalyst, the initiative must be expanded without DOEN’s support, preferably via suitable partners who are already involved in the start stage.


Interested applicants should apply online on or before Thursday, February 28, 2019.


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