The season of good cheer, red + white colourings, wines, packed shopping centres, endless merriment and parties, family and friend’s meetups is fast upon us. It’s the Valentine.

Rather than dabble into how it began or who birthed what has now become an annual love celebration we’d explore how you could make this forthcoming period highly memorable for the people in your life, especially the overly serious entrepreneurs, workaholics or the ambitious career chasers.

Consider the following amazing gift ideas you may surprise them with.

Tile-Mate (Watch Out for your Keys! Or Wallets)

Obviously inanimate objects are so easy to lose, and even more frustrating to find. It gets more annoying when they are highly important. Examples are keys, wallets, just name it.   How much more workaholics who are more prone to misplacing these items?

Tile-Mate could go a long way to save them this rather unfortunate incident of valuables’ misplacement.

You can either attach the device  to your keys or wallet, such that it any goes missing, all you need do is use the phone app to locate it – it makes a super loud noise that helps you track it down and also has a location beacon feature, that tells you where
it was last seen.

Waterproof Notepad

Come to think of it, there is literally nowhere in the shower to take notes if a great idea suddenly hit you.

You know that eureka feeling when a fascinating solution finally drops after nights of brainstorming tough problems you’ve been having at work? Come to think of it, there is literally nowhere in the shower to take notes if a great idea suddenly hit you. A  waterproof notepad comes handy during times of abrupt knowledge “downpour”. You could also use it in the rain. How cool is that?

What’s more interesting is, waterproof Notepads are more affordable than waterproof phones. You should really consider gifting somebody one this season. It costs only $ 8.90 on Amazon.

A  Hydroflask

Everyone needs a hydroflask to keep coffee or tea toasty. These vacuum-sealed maintain the temperature of whatever is kept in them and won’t spill in bags or backpacks, which is great for entrepreneurs who are always on the go. You can get it for about $35 to $64 on Amazon.

Desk Organiser

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates, so you can imagine what their desks look like. Loose papers, sticky notes, piles of books, pens, calculators, electronics, wires, and the list goes on. To help declutter, consider surprising an entrepreneurial friend with one a desk organiser.   You can trust us when we say, it wouldn’t only organise both their workspaces but minds as well. The prices vary,  so depending on your budget you can get for as low as $18 on Amazon.

A Really Big Whiteboard

No matter how many memos or online tools there are, you’d marvel at how some workaholics still prefer working on whiteboards.

You wouldn’t blame them. More often than not, digital reminders get hidden by other tabs and pieces of papers hanging on the wall could easily be misplaced or even forgotten about.

You obviously can’t go wrong with a whiteboard this season. It’s just fun and to use when illustrating, mapping out structures or drawing up event plans. Jumia currently retails for  ‎₦16,500.

Corporate Shoes

You can never have enough shoes, can you? You can make a customised one for your entrepreneurial friend from any of the local makers around. A good corporate shoe would cost between $25 and $60.

A 6-foot Charging Cable

Obviously, having to move cords around or getting restricted due to charging is annoying. The idea of a 6-foot cable that makes you can scroll through Instagram Feed when relaxing on your bed is great.

What other better relief can a Workaholic ask for? Get it on Amazon for $12 only.


Who doesn’t like smartwatches, In fact, Apple has built some fancy smart wristwatches that are also Android enabled and carry out fascinating features of a  phone. You could get them for as low as  $25 on Amazon.

However, there are other amazing brands you could explore.

6-Months Unlimited Internet Plan


In 2019, life without data, especially for an internet savvy individual, is miserable.

Imagine putting someone out of that mystery for 6 months? With a strong emphasis on “Unlimited”. For most entrepreneurs and workaholics who hinge their day-to-day dealings on the internet gifting a 6 months plan would come as a wonderful gift.


Who doesn’t love hampers? Thankfully, hampers are not just for Christmas seasons alone.  You could decide to handpick the content instead of going for the already made ones. Besides that it makes it all exciting and fun, you are able to customise the preference of your gift recipient.

Card Carriers


Recall that entrepreneurs and networking are inseparable? The downside is, many of them usually end up with numerous business cards very often. You can imagine how big a wallet or a desk would look if there isn’t an organised platform to keep them.

At worse, important once maybe misplace. Get one for $19 for that friend of yours who just can’t resist business cards.

An Audible Membership

Audio is king these days. I could read 10 books in a month using the audiobook app on my phone.  Evidently, many entrepreneurs live and die by audio-books and podcasts.

However, there is a platform where you can load up on audible books usually for long walks, runs, flights, etc. Currently, Amazon is giving away 2 free audio-books, you should check it out.

Bluetooth Headphones and Portable Chargers

Unarguably, moving about with a cord plugged to another device is tasking, hence a need for a Bluetooth headphone. An entrepreneur moves from one desk to the other, therefore the need for a cordless headphone in case of listening to music or receiving calls.

I recommend the Airpod it is a better version of some Bluetooth headphones and it cost
about $30. Also, Portable Chargers could come handy during long flights, multi-day conferences, being out of the office all day running to meetings – whatever the case, these things are lifesavers when you need your phone or your devices are running low.

Bluetooth Speaker

Outside food, internet and electricity, music, podcasts (and audio-books) are everything when you’re working from home.

A Bluetooth speaker When it comes to easy off tension and having a soothing relaxation after a marathon of works, a Bluetooth speaker is totally up to the rescue. It can really amp up the mood at that point, or when you’re having friends and family over on the weekend. Besides, it looks pretty nice and you can carry it around on your shoulder like an old boom box from the 80s. You could get one for $19

A subscription to Evernote Premium

Evernote’s free service is great, however, a budding entrepreneur or even a more seasoned one would likely appreciate the increased functionality of Evernote’s premium edition, which allows users turn their notes into presentations, sync across their devices, access notes even when offline, and more.

A Fancy Camera

A camera will help any entrepreneurs or workaholics who are looking to improve their social presence. It could as well spice up “a-day-in-the-life moments with short video clips which could be ”uploaded as YouTube videos. While this saves the extra cost of paying a professional photographer, a decent camera to tell the stories of early work/career days, which could be retold to posterity.  Cameras are not usually cheap but you can get a good one on Amazon for $100.

An Octopus Tripod

Another great addition to any entrepreneur’s social media arsenal is a flexible, light tripod,
which works both on flat surfaces and oddly shaped ones. It works with both a traditional camera and includes a cell phone mount, making it easy to take anything from product pictures, to marketing videos on the go and from any angle. Tripods are cheap and you could get one for $8.

A Nice Laptop Bag

A laptop bag makes travelling to and from work and meetings easy.  A sturdy, professional looking laptop bag is a must-have. Prices vary but you can get one for ₦7,000 on Jumia.

Office Wall Art

Wall art generally gives beauty to an office space. Try to find what your entrepreneurial friends are interested in. Is it architecture? Travel? Sports? Fashion? Pick a piece of understated wall art that can hang in the office to add some personality. An alternative would be to get an art piece for the desk or shelves, such as interesting bookends or a quirky paperweight.

Celebration Dinner

Maybe your workaholic friend may not so much buy the idea of “gift” but would rather opt for an “enjoyable experience.” Why not treat them to a meal to show appreciation. Add in personal touches like customised dinnerware, napkins, or a banner thanking the guest of honour. Many bosses like feeling the camaraderie with their employees and colleagues, so this is the perfect opportunity to get together and reflect on how far you have gone with your friend.

Engraved Pen

Even in today’s high-tech business world, the need for a pen (to record notes and ideas) cannot be over-emphasised Add a special touch when you personalise it by engraving the person’s name, initials or an
inspiring quote that will leave them motivated and excited to get started.

A Yoga Class Pass

Since workaholics are so called because they are held down with their jobs, hardly taking a break from their seat once they set out, giving one a Yoga Class Pass where to have full-body relaxation and balance won’t be a bad idea.

Subscription to Amazon Prime

For entrepreneurs who always buy from Amazon, a fantastic gift you could give them is a subscription to Amazon Prime for as low as $13. This contains free two-day shipping on
over 100 million items, thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, streaming millions of songs and thousands of playlists and also free Kindle e-books, unlimited photo storage, exclusive access to deals, Twitch, and much more.

Work-space Membership

Getting affordable work-space where you could make use of the internet and some other resources, especially for those who work from home seems to be a challenge. This could be solely because of the cost, however, gifting it out this season would be another amazing gift.

Subscription to a Physical Magazine

It’s true the internet is available, you can access all you want, but sometimes the paper version of a magazine is just so much more enjoyable to read. You can highlight, write on it, tear out pages and tape them on the wall for a good reminder of where you want to be in 5 years. There is a list of entrepreneurial magazines, fast company magazine you could subscribe your friend too.

Business Books

Gone are the days when books are less considered a chance for success. Nowadays, people often attribute successful leaders to the number of accomplishments they’ve made when it comes to reading books.

One of the books you could get this season especially for an emerging entrepreneur is “All in: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs”(Koehler Books, 2017) by serial entrepreneur Bill Green. This book has been noted as one of the best on the market. Green’s advice for aspiring business owners is sure to inspire your entrepreneurial friend.


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