The Elections in Nigeria are fast-approaching. Beginning with the Presidential elections coming up tomorrow Saturday, February 16, 2019, hopes and expectations are high. The political scene is already heated up with candidates of the two dominant parties campaigning vigorously across the country for the past one month, throwing tantrums at each other.

However, to a large extent, the voters still get to decide who wins the elections at the end of the day. But we aren’t about the elections, only a part of the electorates are our concern — the ever zealous entrepreneurs.  Thankfully, business owners are realising they need to play a crucial role and exercise their voting rights to decide the fate of their nation for the next four years. However, just like any typical Nigerian demography, there are different categories of entrepreneurs you’d notice on that day.  Here’s a sneak peek.

The ‘No Nonsense’ Category


This category of people usually keeps a straight face on Election Days. They don’t mingle, however in cases where they do, they don’t joke with the activities of the day nor accept compliments from fellow voters. They would go any length to ensure the voting process is strictly followed and what is supposed to be done is done well and accurately.

The “What’s Going on?”  Category


This category of entrepreneurs demography is deeply immersed in the business that they failed to acquaint themselves with the electoral process and guidelines. Most times, they neither know the parties contesting nor the candidates of those parties. They ask questions as mundane as how to get accredited or even to cast their vote.

The “All hope is lost” category


This category has no hope in the electoral process, the security agencies and even the electoral officers. Convincing them to believe in the system is as difficult as a cow passing through the eyes of a needle. This set of people see all candidates as the same, hence they would rather select the option which they see as the lesser of two evils.

The “I don’t mind” category


Those who don’t actually mind what the whole voting exercise would achieve, as long as their business and personal lives aren’t affected. They most of the time go with anyone who wins. And if they are involved at all, they don’t go to the polling unit with a chosen candidate, rather with a guess at the polling unit.

The “My candidate will win” category

This category of entrepreneurs could be very funny and even throw every form of caution to the wind when it comes to their candidates. They believe their candidates are better than every other candidate and would make the best choice for both them and the nation at large. Those who fall under this category will always cooperate and don’t really care if their candidate has genuine intentions or not.

The “Undefined” category


Arguably representing 10% of the voting populace, this category is unable to decide the best candidate to vote for. They end up voting whoever their friends or voters around tell them to vote.

Which of these categories do you fall or know someone who does? Got another category to include? Hit the comment section.

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