Application to Injini Cohort 3, Africa’s first Edtech-dedicated incubation and Seed Investment Programme is now open. For the first time ever, it will also be open to non-profits.

The programme will begin in May 2019, where eight startups from across Africa, for four months, will deliver workshops, mentoring and networking as well as technology, research and dedicated support from the Injini team.

Injini runs regular events across Africa aiming to bring together entrepreneurs, teachers and interested people to hear new EdTech ideas and discuss how to take them forward in their community. Its meetups are a great way to learn and meet other people interested in raising standards in education through technology. It is also important to state the programme has open access to attendees, and have attracted over four hundred participants.


Each startup will be eligible for a $7.5k grant, after which the cohort will compete for a follow-on equity investment of up to $75k per startup.

Guiding Principles

Interested applicants must consider the following before applying;

  • Africa leads, not follows, and that the greatest challenge and opportunity in EdTech lies in Africa – it will produce the greatest innovations.
  • Grassroots ideas, global impact; it will be teachers and entrepreneurs – not big bureaucracies who realise technology’s potential in education
  • Empower teachers, not replace them; they will help teachers deepen and widen impact, not try (and fail) to make them obsolete
  • Evidence-driven, with a laser focus on results; they should reject business-as-usual and embrace new ideas, but pay very close attention to the evidence of what works to improve education


Applications are accepted from all African nations.


Interested applicants can apply online on or before Sunday, March 17, 2019.

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