World Peace Initiative (WPI) has announced its Mindfulness Grant intended for young leaders and entrepreneurs. The aim of the grant is to support projects that make a positive change in society and promote mindfulness and meditation as a tool to improve people’s quality of life.

All nonprofit organisations, youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, peace activists, and anybody with an idea are eligible to apply for WPI’s Mindfulness Grant.


  • Win grant up to $3,000  to implement the proposed project
  • The opportunity of having one of WPI’s certified meditation instructors as an advisor for the implementation of the mindfulness aspect of the program and as a trainer at no cost
  • If the project is successfully implemented, the team will also be sponsored to attend one of WPI’s training programs or meditation retreats
  • The top 20 applicants of the grant will be given preference to attend one of the Peace Revolution African fellowships in 2019.


  • All non-profit organisations, youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, peace activists, and anybody with an idea are eligible to apply;
  • The project will be carried out in the Africa region by Africans only;
  • The project should be initiated originally by you and your team, not a copy of a previously implemented project and not something copied from somewhere else;
  • The project should not violate any human or animal rights or be involved in any process of killing or harming the lives of any other beings;
  • The project can’t be involved in any kind of trade of financial securities or cryptocurrencies;
  • The project should have a positive social impact with a reach of at least 200 people;
  • The project must be environmental friendly;
  • The project can’t involve any kind of hate or harsh speech;
  • This project can’t involve the use of or promotion of intoxicating substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, or illicit drugs;
  • The project’s duration should be no more than 90 days;
  • The project must somehow involve mindfulness and meditation and be able to show how mindfulness and meditation can benefit the project;
  • The project should ideally have a plan for long term sustainability.


Applicants can choose to apply online or you can submit a project proposal in the form of 7 presentation slides (powerpoint or google slides) and send a separate budget and budget narrative to [email protected]

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