Ampion and the Berlin-based Plutos Ventures Holding have announced the launch of Ampion Ventures, to provide scalable African digital startups with seed capital and strategic expertise support.

The partnership between Plutos Ventures and Ampion, which has been implementing programmes in the field of startup support for digital entrepreneurs in Africa, sees the launch of Ampion Ventures, which will be led by Ampion founder Fabian-Carlos Guhl.

“With Ampion it was our mission from the very beginning to initiate technological development in the African continent and thus contribute to the well-being of the African people and the continent’s economic development. Now is the right time to further develop our model and scale selected business models. With Plutos Ventures, we are pleased to have an experienced investor on board who will support us strategically in addition to providing capital.” said Guhl.

In this light, startups in the fields of agri-tech, energy and fintech in Africa are invited to apply for funding as it would be providing up to 6 digit dollar funding. In addition to providing startup capital, the Ampion Ventures team also offers startups operational and strategic support, a strong network, and international corporate partnership opportunities.

“With Ampion and the startup bus, Fabian and his team have demonstrated how strong their network is on the African continent and how immensely the will to found startups is there. Now, it is a matter of establishing true digital business models to support the development of the African economy,” said Oliver Riebartsch, managing director of Plutos Ventures.

In all, over the past six years, Ampion claims to have supported over 80 startups — including Nigerian accounting platform Accounteer, medtech Yapili and Ivorian cleantech Coliba— while working with partners like MTN, SAP, Merk and Microsoft.

Obviously, this isn’t the first investor founded solely for African startup, however, the big question is how many startups will it be able to fund? maybe time would tell.

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