This year, one of Nigeria’s top tech pioneer has been invited to speak at a forthcoming congress themed “Digital Diplomacy – International Politics in the Age of Digitisation” in Berlin, Germany.

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata popularly referred to as CFA is a foremost advocate for technology and startups in Nigeria and Africa. CFA started his career as a sales specialist in Globacom. In 2015, Channels TV began to air his own show, Tech Trends.  In 2018, he co-founded  GoDoHub a start-up centre with facilities to help entrepreneurs leverage technology and innovation to start and run their businesses. He is the Director of  The Founder Institute Lagos and Innovation Support Network, a collection of hubs created for the purpose of boosting innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Backed with a CAM diploma in digital marketing and communication from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, CFA has been a strong advocate in the course of advancing innovation and the adoption of digitisation in Nigeria for over a decade.

The congress is scheduled to hold on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. In the letter of invitation the Deputy Chairman of the FDP parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Alexander Count Lambsdorff, writes, “As an expert, journalist and entrepreneur in Tech issues, they would be very happy to be able to welcome CFA to the congress to speak on “Digitisation in Africa and opportunities for German development policy’’.

The congress will start with a panel discussion with an expected audience of around 100 participants. Thereafter the panellists would discuss in a “breakthrough session” (with a selected part of the audience) specific topic alongside Christoph Hoffmann of the FDP parliamentary group. Moving into the fourth industrial revolution, there is no doubt that Africa has to move with the global digitisation trend. Africa is poised to benefit from digitisation due to the inevitable technological revolution that would bring about the pursuit of development for economic prosperity.

According to (McKinsey Global Institute’s (MGI) “Lions go digital” report), “If governments and the private sector continue to build the right foundations, the Internet could transform sectors as diverse as agriculture, retail, and healthcare— and contribute as much as $300 billion a year to Africa’s GDP by 2025”

The congress focuses on the concrete effects of digitisation on international politics, especially with regard to diplomacy, defence, human rights and economic development & cooperation. With regard to economic development and cooperation, the Germans have further expressed interest to focus on digitisation in Africa and opportunities for German development policy.

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata is set to put forward his experience and expertise on the topic of the day in a way that will help the world understand how to support numerous individuals playing in the digital and startup space.

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