Today is the D-day! Finally, the long-anticipated and heightened Breaking Business Grounds Conference — BBG 2019 — is making its debut, and so glad are we!

We wouldn’t bore you with long stories so you could get ready to join us at 2 pm. But we’d love to unveil the speakers you’d be interfacing with today. Before we get started, see event agenda –> BBG2019  Full Agenda.

Brought to you by smepeaks and TheNest, meet the BBG 2019 speakers:

Wande Adalemo – Director, Founder Institute (FI), Lagos

Wande Adalemo - BBG 2019 Speaker Flyer

Currently a Director and Partner at Founder Institute, Lagos Chapter, Wande is a seasoned entrepreneur who’s founded a series of companies and launched several groundbreaking initiatives across Nigeria.

Based in Silicon Valley, Founder Institute is acclaimed the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator. With Wande championing the Lagos’ arm, FI has churned out its first cohort of entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

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Prior to FI, Wande serves as the Founder of Atmosphere and CEO of Wave 5 Wireless Limited. With 15+ years of experience and background in telecoms,  software development, and broadband-related technologies, his has garnered  lots of technological insight that has bagged him series of awards including been named “ICT WIZKID of the Year” in  2014 by Nigeria Telecom Awards, getting recognition from Google, Intel and Vodacom and his company being crowned as “Wi-Fi Company of the year” by TITIAN of TECH.

In November 2010, he embarked on a project called, Metropolitan Wi-Fi Network, the first of its kind in Nigeria, to provide the public with hassle-free, high-speed internet access, right before launching Nigeria’s Largest Wi-Fi Network with Chicken Republic in September 2013.

Wande has been speaking at Tech Events such as  Nigeriacom, e-Nigeria, CTO and Ministry of Communication events in the last four years. This time he will be live at BBG2019, ready to share his wealth of knowledge, engage with you one-on-one, as well as explore how you could plug into opportunities at the FI.

Tejumola Gbemisola – Asst. Manager, Audit & Assurance, Pedabo

Tejumola Gbemisola - Asst. Manager, Audit & Assurance, Pedabo - BBG 2019 Speaker

Tejumola Gbemisola is an Assistant Manager with the Audit and Assurance unit of Pedabo, a 20-year old Audit Assurance, Tax Consulting and Advisory company, with over 7 years’ experience as an Accountant and Auditor.

She started her career in Pedabo as an Audit Associate in 2012 and has been involved in the accounting, audit and advisory service of several clients in the Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Telecommunications industries amongst others.

She is an experienced chartered accountant with diverse professional expertise in audit engagements, financial due diligence and advisory services. With in-depth knowledge and practical application of International and Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Corporate reporting and Business Process Re-engineering.

Tejumola is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria and currently manages the SME portfolio in Pedabo. Her accomplishment includes being the Best graduating student in the biochemistry department. Importantly, she is proficient in the use of accounting and audit software for Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, and Account Reconciliation.

Jamachi Chris-Asoluka – Lagos State Employment Trust Fund [LSETF]

Jamachi Chris-Asoluka - Lagos State Employment Trust Fund [LSETF] - BBG 2019 Speaker

Jamachi oversees the Policy and Research desk at the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF).  He is a tri-sector professional with a combined experience of over 8 years in private and public sector roles. Prior, Jamachi worked as a consultant in the Business Advisory Division of Phillips Consulting where he coordinated research and analysis on various projects including market expansion strategy, business process design, strategy development and implementation, and organizational restructuring for local and multinational organisations.

He has also co-authored several industry reports including the aviation, retail and manufacturing sectors of the economy and consulted for over 30 small businesses.

In addition to this, he continues to provide policy recommendations on business challenges in Nigeria to several State and Federal government bodies.

At BBG2019, Jamachi would be dissecting how the LSETF is helping thousands of businesses attain their true potential and unlocking several initiatives the organisation has in store for you.

Dudu Victor, FinTech Lead — Fewchore Finance Company

Dudu Victor, FinTech Lead -- Fewchore Finance Company - one of BBG2019 speakers

Victor is currently heading the IT and E-channels department of Fewchore Finance Company, managing Mobile lending applications and USSD applications.

With over 4 years experience in the Fintech industry, he worked as a Software tester and implementation Officer at Appzone Group limited where he sets up new Microfinance bank on the application called Bankone, trained staff on how to use the application and transferring their data from their previous software.

He has set up core banking applications for several new and existing microfinance companies within the country. At BBG, Victor has a lot to share on technological considerations in setting up your business.

Sean Burrowes, COO – Ingressive

Sean Burrowes, COO - Ingressive - one of BBG2019 speakers

Sean Burrowes is currently the Chief Operating Officer at  Ingressive, an investment and resources system who has over the years impacted African startups and entrepreneurs, contributions to the developer ecosystem.

Sean’s professional journey has taken him through every aspect of operations management, whether it is overall business management, team development, or maximising return on investment.

In 2009, he worked as a Retail Business Manager where he introduced the Cricket brand to DC and Baltimore by generating product awareness resulting in a 3.1% market penetration in the first 11 months. However; the greatest of his career path is knowing that my success hinges upon inspiring others to be the best version of themselves.

He is amongst the ranks of those driving tech innovation within the continent of Africa.  His vision is to look forward to the future ahead as he continues to connect brilliant minds to the dreams they only imagined. He believes the next big idea to take the world by storm is right here within this continent.

Oritsegbubemi Ikomi – Legal Analyst at Sidebrief

Oritsegbubemi Ikomi - Legal Analyst at Sidebrief

Oritsegbubemi Ikomi is a graduate of the University of Benin and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association. Currently, she works as a Legal Analyst at Sidebrief (a regulatory compliance company) where she coordinates the Partnership and Growth Department of the company.

Before joining Sidebrief, Gbubemi worked with a number of notable law firms in Lagos where she was exposed to litigation issues that arose as a result of non-compliance. These experiences have helped shape her perception of compliance for businesses and startups in Nigeria and further drives her in assisting businesses to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Damilola Oyegbami – Team Lead, Business Development, FewChore Finance

Damilola Oyegbami - Team Lead, Business Development, FewChore Finance - one of BBG2019 speakers


Damilola has years of experience in  Finance and Admin. As a goal and pacesetter, she’s worked and contributed significantly to the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service.

As a Team Lead in the Business Development Group in Fewchore Finance, she works hand in hand with her team to grow the Loan Book of the company with quality assets and liability.

Akintayo Akinseloyin, Sales and Marketing Consultant

Akintayo Akinseloyin, Sales and Marketing Consultant - BBG 2019

Akintayo Akinseloyin, a marketing professional with over 12 years experience in the wines and spirits industry. He has worked for the two biggest liquor companies in the world (Diageo trading as Guinness Nigeria PLC in Nigeria and Pernod Ricard Nigeria), as well as Intercontinental Distillers Ltd (IDL), the foremost indigenous spirits company in Nigeria.

Over the course of his career, he has managed several global brands including Smirnoff Vodka, Gordon’s Gin and McDowell’s for Guinness Nigeria and Absolut Vodka, Jameson Irish Whisky and Seagrams whisky for Pernod Ricard Nigeria. He has also managed popular local brands including Squadron dark rum, Action Bitters and Derok Cafe.

He’s an experienced marketer specialized in brand marketing and Innovation, sales execution and commercialisation, trade marketing, project and stakeholder management, cross-cultural communications and people management.

Akintayo is a member of two professional bodies, the Nigerian Institute of Marketing (NIM) and the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Today at the conference, Akintayo will be demystifying strategies to enhance your business or product marketing and pull in serious sales. You shouldn’t miss that.

Beyond BBG2019 speakers, there’s so much more to gain from the event, including networking opportunities, and of course, a karaoke session in the end.  Join us today at TheNest Innovation Park, 1 Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.

See you at 2!

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