Atlas Corps Fellowship 2020, an overseas programme building a network of world social leaders addressing the world’s 21st-century challenges opens up its 12 to 18 months fellowship with a special focus on rising leaders from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestinian Territories, and Russia.

There is a priority consideration that begins from July or October 2020 for candidates with selected skilled sets related to the funding body and Host organisers. Through Atlas Corps Fellowship 2020, the U.S. State Department Education and Cultural Exchange Bureau’s Mission will be engaging participants to learn best practices, build organisational capacity, group cultural activities and return home to create a network of global changemakers. 


To be eligible for Atlas Corps Fellowship 2020, you following are required: 

  • Two or more years of relevant experience
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • English proficiency (oral, writing, reading)
  • Should be Age 35 or younger
  • Should apply to serve in a country other than where you are from (U.S. citizens are not eligible for the U.S. Fellowship)
  • Should be committed to returning to your home country after the 12-18 months Fellowship
  • Should be committed to living on a basic stipend that only covers food, shared housing, and local transportation


  • Each of the steps listed above may take approximately 1-3 months 
  • The vetting process may take several months to complete. Priority is given to applications that may be best suited to our available Host Organization Placements. Applicants will advance at different rates 
  • You are recommended to submit your application as soon as possible to initiate the review process 
  • Applications are accepted all year-round, but you are not to wait for any deadlines. If you are accepted to the Fellowship, there may be a quick turnaround time between your acceptance and the beginning of the Fellowship 
  • Final decisions about each class of Fellows are made approximately 6-8 weeks before the class begins 
  • Fellowship start dates are not flexible, and assuming your visa is approved, you must begin your Fellowship with the class to which you are accepted 

How to apply

Keen participants looking to participate in Atlas Corps Fellowship 2020 should apply via the application portal of which application is accepted all year-round but with a priority deadline from Friday, May 1st, 2020.

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