The Union Bank Rise Challenge 2020 is an initiative organised by Union bank to recognise and reward customers who are coping and rising above the current pandemic.

Stories shared reveals innovative, inspiring, charitable and resourceful personality. Every Saturday, ten winners will be announced across all Union Bank’s social media pages.

Despite the upheaval posed by the pandemic, several individuals and businesses are rising. It could be due to plans set in place to enable them to thrive and succeed these perilous times.

The Union Bank Rise challenge reflects what individuals are doing differently to help rise above present circumstances and what strategies are used to boost business productivity this period.

Take a bold step and tell a story that will inspire and impact the lives of millions by participating in the Union Bank Rise Challenge 2020.


  • The union rise challenge is open only to union bank’s customers
  • Applicants must be 18 years as at the time of participating
  • Small business owners, innovators, community organisers can apply
  • You must be a Nigerian resident
  • You must not be an employee,  director, distributor or agent including immediate family members of a union bank’s staff
  • A valid means of identification should be provided


  • Ten individuals win ₦250,000 each every Saturday
  • The winners get the chance to tell Nigeria and the world their rising above the pandemic story as they are exposed to significant publicity through all Union Bank’s social media pages

How to apply

  • Take a 60 seconds video or write a short note about what you’re doing to rise above these perilous times
  • Upload the video created on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed with the hashtag #unionrisechallenge
  • Tag your friends and @unionbankng when uploading the video.

Application is still open for the next three weeks. Apply now to get started.

Got a story worth telling? Shoot us an email with SUBJECT — “Story Worth Telling” — to [email protected].

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