Facebook is inviting developers for its online Artificial Intelligence(AI) Hackathon with a $7000 prize tag. Individuals of different skill set can take advantage of the opportunity to showcase their skills with one of the leading social media platforms.

Facebook AI Hackathon 2020 will encourage, test, and refine the skills of developers whether professionals or amateurs. It requires submitting a solution featuring natural language interactions that leverage its bot– Wit


  • Facebook AI Hackathon 2020 is open to individuals with prior internet access who at the time of entry into Facebook hackathon series have a Facebook and devpost online account
  • Only individuals who aren’t under any legal obligation that would limit their participation can apply
  • Applicant joining as part of one or more team must be authorised to act at any given time


  • It’s an opportunity to test and refine the skills of developers 
  • It affords applicants the opportunity to create new connections and expand their knowledge
  • participation would enable developers to gain access to educational resources
  • It’s an opportunity to win incredible cash prizes of up to $7000 

How to apply 

  • To register, visit the official website
  • Use Wit to build natural language experiences that can help people’s lives
  • Provide a link to your project and your Wit App ID for judging and testing
  • Host a demo video of about 2 minutes on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Youku in the English language ensuring it includes an explanation on how Facebook products enhanced the experience of your solution

All forms must be submitted on Devpost on or before the deadline Wednesday, June 24, 2020, at 5 pm as late entries will not be accepted.

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