The AppsAfrica Innovation Awards celebrates technology and mobile applications from across Africa, showcasing the continent’s best innovations across 12 categories. The awards are open to corporates, established ventures who have launched services in at least one African market.


  • Startups or incorporated companies
  • Companies who have launched a product or service in at least one African country
  • If the service has not been launched at the time of judging, it will be omitted
  • The product or service must address specific African needs as detailed within the specified category 
  • Applicants innovation can be any product or service utilising any technology 


Winners will receive:

  • AppsAfrica Innovation Award
  • Global media exposure across multiple channels
  • Industry recognition leading to funding and business partnerships
  • Mentoring from industry experts

Award categories

Startups will be awarded on any of these categories:

Disruptive innovation award

This award recognises companies who have launched a service or created a product that has forced innovation into an existing marketplace in Africa.

Health tech award

Entries here may include a new service, devices, software, hardware or use of applications and social media. Startups in this category will be recognised for their ability to use technology and innovation to create and implement life-changing and life-saving health services in Africa.

Best African Application Award

This award recognises the best across the African application ecosystem. Judges will be looking for great design, creativity, excellent user interface, usability, originality, innovation and adoption.

Cybersecurity award

This award celebrates companies that have implemented ground-breaking security services protecting data, workloads, and systems for individuals and organisations across the continent.

Blockchain award

Startups that have used applied blockchain technology for use within the supply chain to increase the speed, efficiency, accuracy, transparency or cost-effectiveness of any sector in Africa will be given this award.

How to apply

  • Fill an online form from AppsAfrica Innovation Awards portal

The application deadline is Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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