The Women in Business programme was launched in 2019 to grow the number of socially and economically empowered women who run sustainable businesses in Kenya and Nigeria. It leverages on the need for female entrepreneurs to be supported in their business endeavours regardless of the sector.

The programme will bring together female entrepreneurs, software developers, investors, SMEs, corporates and industry experts across multiple sectors.


  • Enhance the ways in which women-led organisations leverage technology to better serve their market by using the design team to assess and improve the product-market fit of participants
  • Training from the programme’s internal team will create avenues for the women to engage with investors through a showcase and a demo day at the end of the programme
  • Catalyse the expansion efforts of women-led businesses in the African market
  • The programme will leverage its people team’s expertise and create linkages both through its graduate internship programme as well as partnerships with organisations that teach technology
  • To create an avenue where the participating female entrepreneurs will increase their market share through engagement with corporate executives and industry advisors.


  • A strategically differentiated business that speaks to the heart of consumer needs
  • An ability to speak investor language and leverage sound financial understanding of your business to secure capital and partnerships
  • Support to expand your business across multiple geographical markets
  • Knowledge on how to attract, develop and retain a strong team
  • Access to a robust network of investors, corporate executives, and software developers to help scale your business.


  • Women-led businesses interested in leveraging technology to scale their business
  • Startups registered in Nigeria or Kenya
  • Scalable businesses that meet a need
  • Businesses with proven traction in the market
  • Strong founding team, working full- time on the business.

How to apply

  • Fill out an application form on Women in Business programme website
  • Further enquiries should be sent to [email protected]
  • Female entrepreneurs who desire to apply should do that on or before Tuesday, August 15, 2020.

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