Committed to enhancing the mental and physical health of individuals globally, Astellas, a health tech company that provides innovative and pharmaceutical products to improve lives globally, has organised the Astellas Rx+ Healthcare Innovation challenge. The programme seeks to support adequate health care solutions for individuals with sensory-disabilities and restricted access to medical care.

The challenge brings together ideas and solutions from e-health startups, targeted at individuals limited due to geographical, financial, and physical restrictions, for whom current medical solutions are insufficient. The goal is to liberate patients from daily life problems caused by diseases and disabilities.


  • The winning teams get the chance to collaborate with and receive support from Astellas to implement their innovative solution
  • $60, 000 Proof of Concepts (PoC)
  • All finalists get the chance to present their innovative solutions to Astellas management at the grand finals in Tokyo


Startups with technological solutions, driving the empowerment of people with sensory-disabilities, and improvement of access to health care, can apply for the challenge.

How to apply
Elevate your health tech solution by participating in the Astellas Rx+ Healthcare Innovation Challenge. Visit the website to apply. Deadline is Sunday, October 18, 2020.

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