Focused on increasing accessibility to power supply and generation of electricity in unserved and underserved communities, the USADF-All On Off-Grid Energy Challenge invites African-owned off-grid energy companies located in Nigeria to submit proposals with sustainable solutions.

An initiative of United States African Development Foundation (USADF) and All On, the goal is to provide seamless access to electricity through off-grid solutions such as home systems or micro-grids, increase electricity generation through sustainable business model solutions while creating an inclusive environment for households and industries to have unrestricted access to power supply.


Applicants with unique proposals would be selected as the winners to receive the following:

  • An investment in form of a convertible loan at an affordable interest loan or equity investment
  • Seed capital from All On in form of grants and from USADF in form of Community Reinvestment Grant (CRG) funds
  • Access to intensive local technical assistance and governance support


To be eligible for the programme, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your company must be 100% African-owned and passports or other government-issued IDs showing citizenship must be submitted
  • All shareholders, members of the board and senior management must be citizens of a Sub-Saharan African country and majority must reside in Nigeria 
  • Majority of the companies must be Nigerian-owned and managed 
  • Proposals must express clearly how they will benefit marginalised, underserved citizens in Nigeria
  • Proposals must ideally show demonstrable positive impacts for female beneficiaries and people living in the Niger Delta
  • Proposals must express clearly how they will achieve profitability
  • Companies must be fully and legally registered in Nigeria and the registration must be submitted
  • Proposals must document how they will leverage the USADF and All On investment funds to carry out their concept

How to apply 

Do you have all it takes to participate in the challenge? Leverage this rare opportunity, application closes on Sunday, February 28, 2021.

Got a story worth telling? Shoot us an email with SUBJECT — “Story Worth Telling” — to [email protected].

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