Recognising remarkable individuals and institutions in the agricultural sector, the Africa Food Prize is an award to motivate innovatives whose contributions to agriculture in Africa, create a new era of sustainable and inclusive food security and economic opportunity.

The five-year programme celebrates enthusiasts taking control of Africa’s agriculture agenda, and changing the reality of farming from a struggle to survive, to a business that thrives. It brings to the forefront bold initiatives and technical innovations that can be replicated across the continent.

Acknowledging agriculture to be Africa’s surest path to inclusive economic growth and development, the Africa Food Prize is built on a goal to elevate pioneering efforts to create prosperity in Africa. It is hoped that this will encourage others to follow their lead.

The objective is to boost outstanding contributions to African agriculture, forging a new era to point the way forward to a more vibrant farming sector for the entire continent, by making African farms more productive, profitable and resilient.


Outstanding individual or organisation will receive $100,000 prize.


  • Individuals or identifiable group of individuals, established institutions, associations, organisations or government bodies with a formal and recognised judicial and organisational structure contributing to the overall objectives of the Prize
  • Any qualified candidate, irrespective of nationality, profession or location, whose work, and contributions deriving from the work, has had a clear impact on the African situation, nationally, regionally or for the continent
  • The Prize can be awarded with reference to a specific contribution or achievement, or a series of efforts and results in the recent past, preferably within the last few years
  • Current or recent members of the Africa Food Prize Committee, or an institution/organisation headed by such a member, are ineligible for the Prize
  • The Prize cannot be awarded to a person already deceased, but will be presented in the event a Prize winner dies before receiving the Prize
  • The Prize can be awarded to more than one winner, but not more than two. If shared, each winner will receive equal prize money ($100, 000 divided in two), a diploma and a trophy

How to apply

Do you have an outstanding achievement in driving productivity, sustainability, profitability and resilience in farming and agriculture? Participate in the Africa Food Prize. Submit your nomination before the deadline on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

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