Co-creation, a social accelerator based in Lagos, CcHub Diaspora Challenge 2019 aims to attract entrepreneurs, innovators, and scientists with African origin but living in the diaspora, who are building scalable business solutions to the numerous social challenges.

With the intent of collating the best business ideas of applicants, CcHub is seeking for innovative ideas in 3 critical areas, namely;

Education: How might we utilise the promising potential of technology to bridge the academic deficiencies that might hinder the potential of the young African?

Fintech: How might we link the dots of underprivileged persons in Africa to affordable financial services using tech?

Energy: How might we use technology to efficiently distribute clean and affordable energy to houses and industries as a whole?

CcHub Diaspora Challenge 2019 is an initiative centred at empowering the application of technology and social insight towards achieving economic goals.


  • $15,000 per idea to fund prototype development
  • Business advisory and mentorship, in support of strategic planning and execution
  • Networking with strategic partners in African countries to assist in the market entry process
    Master classes


Strictly for Africans living outside of Africa.

How to apply

Visit the website for more information before tendering your application. Deadline is undisclosed.

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