The UK-Nigeria Tech hub in collaboration with TechCircle hosted founders, entrepreneurs and key-stakeholders from over 40 tech industry. The Lagos Tech Meet-up was aimed at providing an avenue for stakeholders in the Nigerian Tech Ecosystem to network, share ideas and insights, build partnerships with people outside their space.

Stakeholders at the Lagos Tech Meet-up shared ideas and discussed the importance of partnerships and collaboration to grow the digital economy in Nigeria.


Lagos Tech Meet-up

The Lagos Tech Meet-up which was created for guests to share ideas and build partnerships in order to drive local contents and key strategies pivotal to helping the tech ecosystem in Nigeria scale up to a reference point globally, had over 40 tech industry-heads, founders and entrepreneurs present. In attendance was Uzoma Dozie of Sparkle and also the former CEO of Diamond Bank; Dr Ola Brown, Greentree Investment; Odun Eweniyi, Piggyvest; Fola Olatunji-David, Google; Victoria Crandall, Insider PR; Emeka Okafor, ConnectNigeria; Bayo Adekanmi, MTN; Gbenga Agboola, Flutterwave; Chinedu Azodoh,; Emmanuel Okeleji, Seamless HR; Daniel Bloch, Seso Global, Faith Adesemowo, Social Lender among others.

Keynotes from guests:

Gbenga Agboola from Flutterwave–  “This is a great avenue for people to network and meet people outside of their space. I hope partnerships will be built from here and this will help grow the Nigerian tech ecosystem,”.

Odun Eweniyi, Co-founder Piggyvest– “This event was great, you can get caught up in work and there are not many avenues to connect with other founders on the same journey as you”. “I would love to see efforts go into startups in funding and advisory so the nascent ecosystem could have a chance to get by.”


Lagos Tech Meet-up

Message from Organisers:

Honey Ogundeyi, the Country Director for the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub–  ‘We are excited with the success of the Lagos Tech Meetup, supporting entrepreneurial activity and strengthening the Nigerian technology ecosystem is a core focus of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub”. “As Nigeria’s tech sector continues to thrive, generating more than 10% of the country’s economic output – the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub is committed to providing the UK’s significant expertise in ecosystem building, start-up investment and digital skills to Nigeria’s burgeoning tech sector”.


Lagos Tech Meet-up

Oo Nwoye, Executive Director TechCircle expressed satisfaction with the attendance of 40 key decision-makers in the Nigerian tech industry at the meet-up. He hinted that relationships are key components for the tech community to thrive. “Thankfully, the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub agrees with this and has worked with TechCircle to put this first edition together of the Tech Meetup,” Nwoye said.

In conclusion, guests from over 40 tech industry attest that the Lagos Tech Meet-up was a platform for entrepreneurs to share ideas and discuss the importance of collaborations to grow the digital economy.

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