In a bid to help small, medium and large scale enterprises adapt to the new world of work instigated by the novel outbreak, a leading ICT company in Africa — 21st Century Technologies Limited — has launched Konet, a business collaboration tool.

Just like Zoom, the technology tool have features that include voice, video, live chat, file sharing with brand customisation.  

Speaking at a virtual press conference to launch the service on July 15, 2020, the founder and CEO of 21st Century Technologies Limited, Wale Ajisebutu said the platform is designed to serve SMEs and businesses as they face the new normal caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  

“Our plan is to build an ecosystem to enable collaboration, the most secure collaboration environment in businesses, add efficiencies to workflows and allow organisations to make decisions quickly with customers, vendors and partners,” he said while sharing the aim of the platform. 

In addition, Wale noted that Konet is a  “secured platform with enterprise grade security features and compliance standards to prevent data loss.”

Targeted at ​corporates​, transportation, retail, hospitality​, ​educational institutions​, ​government ​and ​individuals, according to Ibukun Femi-Ajala​, Konet team lead.

Konet is more than just a collaboration tool and will become a technology marketplace. We have decided to launch first and then introduce other key features and products in batches. Unquestionably, you will see some features of Konet in other existing products which have been successful,” he noted. 

Seeing that the coronavirus pandemic has brought the future of remote work faster than imagined, Ibukun mentioned that there’s the need for collaboration tool to enhance productivity amongst team members.

In his words: “Online collaboration has become our new norm with the recent happenings of COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the minds of our target market is re-oriented to the possibility of how effective ‘Work from Home’ can help reduce the running cost and mental wellness of members for most organisation, hence the need for collaboration tool to enhance productivity amongst team members.”

Though the platform is still being tested, users can access Konet’s ​premium service for free till September, 2020. 

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