Come July 1 and 8, Innovation Support Network (ISN) Hubs, Nigeria’s network of innovation hubs and co-working spaces will be hosting Regional Gatherings for members in the North and South respectively. 

According to ISN, the Regional Gatherings give room for innovation leaders, hub owners, and users to learn, network amongst themselves, with other stakeholders including policymakers and funders. It aims to promote teamwork around innovations that solve problems at both grassroots and regional levels.

Sponsored by Ford Foundation, the ISN Regional Gatherings also enable leaders in the technology and innovation ecosystem to meet and discuss in detail the industry trends, make policy recommendations, share real-life experiences, lessons and solutions. 

Concerning the plans of having Regional Gatherings, the Chairman of ISN, Tomi Davies, stated in a statement shared with smepeaks that “The development of Hubs and their Founders are more likely to succeed when there is a close-knit local support structure. Each locale has specific idiosyncrasies and addressing these per region makes the engagement more impactful. It’s important to note, though, that we also have the ISN Hubs Annual Gathering which is open to all Hubs and is held on a rational basis in different locations across the country.”

The event is expected to result in creating an enabling environment that would foster frequent meetings and collaborations amongst hub leaders as well as solve challenges being experienced in each region. 

How to apply 

The events will hold on Zoom and each day’s gathering is scheduled for 11 am – 1 pm. This includes two-panel sessions and a bonus talk on ensuring post-pandemic safety in shared spaces.

All interested participants should register online to secure their slots.

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